Saturday, May 28

Mez: The Dope Lobby -

How powerful are the
drug dealers in Perugia, Italy?

Now that they've gained the bully pulpit
of Hearst's Seattle Post Intelligencer,
they have just become much more powerful . . .

There is nothing contradictory about the basic evidence in the savage killing of Meredith Kercher. It was perpetrated in a drug-induced delusional frenzy, and Amanda Knox admitted to being stoned on drugs during the time the crime was committed. She also admitted that she was hallucinating or having visions and that she was confused about whether she was dreaming.

Oddly, the True Crime Blogger on the Seattle PI Platform has sanitized Amanda Knox's heavy involvement with drugs right out of her Blog's narrative. And a network of Foxy Fanatics are likewise feverishly engaged in this misguided coverup.

There will be no Federal rescue of the nubile Knox,
because the FBI does not pander to drug dealers.

But the question remains:

How is Hearst going to feel when they discover
they've been used in an international drugs coverup?

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