Friday, May 27

In Other Altered States (3#) -

Amanda Knox,
Jared Loughner & Teen Vampires . . .

They met on VampireFreaks, a social networking website popular with many youngsters. He turned out to be a 31-year-old Austin Community College professor and she was listed on her profile as a 14-year-old girl he is alleged to have sexually assaulted. He was arrested in a sting operation by an undercover Cyber Crime Unit investigator.

# A federal judge has ruled that Jared L Loughner is not mentally competent to stand trial, minutes after Loughner shouted at the court:

"Thank you for the freak show. She died
right in front of me. You’re treasonous."

Judge Burns explained that Loughner does not currently have a rational understanding of these proceedings.

# Italian MP Rocco Girlanda has organized a campaign to investigate the prosecution of Amanda Knox, which he characterised as unfair. Girlanda has authored an adulatory book about the Seattle exchange student who has claimed she doesn't remember anything because she was stoned on drugs during the time period in question.