Friday, May 20

Mez: Other Voices (3#) -

A court session is scheduled for tomorrow in the
matter of Amanda Knox et al Appeals process.

A new Blogger who has been following the case outlines his expectations of tomorrow's agenda and he advances some intriguing speculations about which of Frank Sfarzo's batsh*t reckless remarks, originally posted on the Perugia Shock blog, may have propelled that blog into its currently occulted sequester by the authorities. Yes, Maundy Gregory is keeping an eye on that issue, too.

Meanwhile, a group of multi-lingual members of the Internet Commentariat, who have been following the case, have translated the Italian transcript of an interview with Giuliano Mignini conducted by CNN.

Dr Mignini has been vilified in a melodramatic manner in this case in order to heighten the contrast of conflict for dramatic purposes.

Does the Meredith Murder Case of Perugia have any connection to the Florence Serial Killer Case? No, I don't think so. The Florence Case, as I understand it, was a spate of killings in the Lovers Lane Genre. The Meredith Murder Case is not in that category.

What kind of disguise do you think Frank will
use in order to slip into the courtroom tomorrow?

An old lady in a wheelchair? A burqa?
Glasses, a mustache, and a beard?

Unless the authorities have collected a print of his iris, I expect he could succeed at getting himself smuggled in, but I hope he doesn't get into more serious trouble as a result of such a stunt.

:: Court Session Tomorrow ::