Wednesday, June 29

Raiders of The Lost Lulz (7#) -

It looks like the FBI has become enmeshed in another
Gay Girl in Damascus imbroglio with their hunt for the mythic teenage girl Kayla, who is supposed to be one of the LulzSec Hackers.

Gal Hacker Lisbeth Salander is a character dreamt up by Stieg Larsson, but she has never actually existed.

In order to find Kayla, some FBI agents knocked on the door of an Iowa surfer who seemed to have some sort of visible social relationship online with the elusive identity. An interesting episode ensued, as told by Adrian Chen.

Well, who are the LulzSec members?

:: Mathew J Schwartz ::

:: Gabriella Coleman ::
-- Cultural Anthropology and the Internet --

# Operation Orlando: residents react to a hacking threat from Anonymous because they have made it a crime to feed homeless people in Lake Eola Park. The Sentinel's Mark Schlueb reports with comments there.

# SoFlo: Giant lizards are bothering
residents again in posh Palm Beach.

# SoFlo: Landlord sets fire to a tenant's
boxer shorts while the tenant is wearing them.