Monday, June 27

Mez: Aborted Showdown (7#) -

Those who were hoping for a head-to-head confrontation between Amanda Knox and Rudy Guede must have been disappointed today, because Judge Hellman maintained tight control over the process in his courtroom and he decisively aborted the widely anticipated clash.

This day belonged to Rudy Guede. And he owned it.

Rudy Guede denied he had told fellow prison inmates that Knox and Sollecito were innocent or that he had ever discussed the matter at all with them, limiting any chatter with them to soccer and movies.

Guede, instead, confirmed he had written a letter expressing that he witnessed the pair at the cottage that night. Dr Mignini read that letter to the court; Guede then told the court he still stood by what he said in that letter:

The pair were there that night.

Knox was finally permitted to speak
after Guede completed his testimony:

"The only time the three of us have ever
been together is in this judicial courtroom."

But, by then, Guede had been escorted out of the courtroom, and any chance Knox might have had to confront him had been wrested from her grasp.

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