Tuesday, July 19

ALT Caylee Scenario -

An Unexplained Death . . .

Welcome to Florida Noir, the murky underbelly of life in the peninsula these days, which the Tourist Bureau wouldn't be happy to publicize.

I am going to tell you a story in an effort to formulate an alternate scenario which may contribute to our understanding of the circumstances leading to the unexplained death of the toddler named Caylee Anthony.

In light of the recent verdict, we are obliged to search for answers in a different direction. This story is based on a few educated guesses extrapolated from previous crime scenarios of recent Florida vintage. Some elements in this story may be wrong, some may be true, and some may be close. At the moment, it's just a hypothetical story.

Once upon a time, there was a truck driver. We'll call him Joe. He made a regular livelihood by driving a truck from the Orlando area of Central Florida, up through the South, to somewhere in North Carolina, perhaps Asheville or Chapel Hill.

There came a point in time when Joe developed a perceived need for some extra money above and beyond his usual earnings. After discussing the matter with various people he knew, someone suggested that Joe take advantage of his truck route up the East Coast by buying some oxy pills in Florida and then selling them at a profit to someone in North Carolina. This seemed like a potentially lucrative scheme at first glance.

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

But there was a catch to the scheme. Joe didn't have the front money to buy the pills in Florida. Where could he get this kind of money? Well, someone knew someone who knew someone else. Enter Mr Moneybags. A deal was forged. Mr Moneybags would front the money to Joe the truck driver to buy the pills in Florida; then, Joe would repay him for the front money plus some extra for profit. Everyone shook hands on it.

Time passed, leaving Mr Moneybags impatiently waiting for the fulfillment of the deal, but Joe did not show up. Mr Moneybags decided to kidnap little Caylee and hold her hostage in order to pressure Joe to repay the front money.

Alas, Mr Moneybags had never childproofed his mansion. There were many hazards there. One day little Caylee slipped away from her minders and tragedy occurred. Nothing harmful may have been intended, but Mr Moneybags just wasn't equipped to take care of little kids.

Meanwhile, it was beginning to look like Mr Moneybags was going to have to eat his loss. Joe the truck driver never showed up on Mr M's doorstep, because Joe was dead. The truck driver had died in a traffic accident; he couldn't repay Mr M.

What happened to the money? No one knows.

Would Casey Anthony know anything about all this?

Probably not. At best, she may harbor some ominous suspicions that something shady had been going on among some people who happened to be social acquaintances, thus making her reluctant to turn the matter over to the police, for fear of them uncovering something sinister or illegal.

Will Casey Anthony ever reveal more? Probably not, because at this point in time she may believe she has more to fear from these unknown criminals than from anything a court can do to her. And, besides that, she really doesn't know anything significant.

What makes you
so sure you know what happened?