Sunday, July 17

The Waiting Wolves -

Casey Anthony has been freed from jail,
but we have been experiencing a very tense
weekend here in Florida because of this situation.

It started last night . . .

When I turned on the TV for the Evening News, I was startled to see a very large Countdown Clock operating on my screen. The news presenter told us that Casey Anthony would be free in less than 20 hours and then began babbling a lot of gratuitous trivia about the case. It was clear that Local 10, an ABC affiliate, was trying to whip up emotions about the situation. I felt very alarmed about this story.

It is a violation of the Law to incite a riot. And that's just what some elements of the Mainstream Media has been trying to do in this case, because there could be no doubt that there would be a frenzied lynch mob waiting outside that jail for Anthony.

Local 10 owes the public
an apology for this disgusting episode.

:: Bianca Prieto :: OSent ::