Friday, July 8

Book Notes (6#) -

Several publishing houses are launching new Mystery imprints this year as Mystery became the top-selling genre in 2010, Alexandra Alter reports at the WSJ.

# A posthumous novel by JG Ballard. Millennium People is about a middle-class rebellion in a London subdivision. This is a well-written review by Alan Cheuse, who called it brilliant.

# Kim Christensen reviews Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology. There's a comment thread there, too.

# Talk about modern horror stories... Melissa Allison reviews The Red Market by Scott Carney which is about organ brokers, bone thieves, blood sales, and trafficking in body parts.

# B&N is featuring a group of five
new Mystery Pulp Fiction books.

# What about Robots working in a seedy section
of London? Try Tehelka's Sly Culture melange.