Saturday, July 9

Dead Heads & Delays (3#) -

The judge in the Casey Anthony trial has ordered a delay in the release of jurors' names. Sue Carlton at the SP Times tells us that Judge Belvin Perry has designated a seven-day "cooling off period" before the release, as emotions seem to be running high in the immediate aftermath of the trial.

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The Head Found in His Garden:

Mrs Thomas was a devout Presbyterian and Kate Webster, her maid, was a drunkard. On March 22 1879, Mrs Thomas came home from church and the two had an argument...

Coroner Alison Thompson has determined that the head found in the London garden of David Attenborough last October once belonged to Julia Martha Thomas, who was a victim of murder.

:: Old Murder Mystery
uncovered at the Telegraph.


An Old-Fashioned Gothic Novel:

The Devil Walks by Anne Fine.

Mal Peet in her review calls
it a "classic in its own right."