Sunday, July 3

Mez: The Blind Eye (3#) -

The Amanda Knox Trial is at the center of a very nasty conflict between the Mafia and the authorities in Perugia.

On June 20th, it was reported on Umbria24 that the Naples-based Mafia syndicate called the Camorra, which has been trying to make inroads in the Perugia drug trade, was interdicted by the Perugian authorities whilst they were trying to ship cocaine packed in ambulances into Perugia. Among those involved in the operation, was prosecutor Giuliano Mignini.

Drugs are no joke in Perugia. It was recently reported that Umbria has recorded deaths caused by drugs at five times the national average.

The Mafia has been frequently blocked by the police and legal system in Perugia. What they usually want is a Blind Eye to their activities, which they have not gotten in Perugia.

Consequently, the Mafia has repeated inserted itself in this case, at times, quite flamboyantly. They initially came in contact with this case, no doubt, because there were illegal drugs involved in it.

Since then, they have been trying to use it to discredit, undermine, and get rid of the current regime in Perugia. They want a more cooperative replacement, one that is willing to look the other way at their activities.

Although this is a matter of public record and reported in the press, it is not being reported in the United States where the news about this murder case and trial has been highly manipulated by American Media organizations at the expense of the truth, and the information has been censored, so that it never reaches the American Public.

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