Wednesday, July 6

Orlando Verdict Fallout (4#) -

We had live coverage of the verdict . . .

from about 2:15 to 3pm. On the whole, we had maybe a bit more coverage of this trial than average, but not saturation coverage on Broadcast TV.

Eric Deggans comments on the Media coverage and practices with regard to the Casey Anthony Case, as well as other cases. Bravo, Eric!

And then, after the verdict, more here from Eric.

Eric is briefly interviewed by Tom Geoghegan from the BBC about the case. He explains that the case developed a niche following:

There are many Americans who are not that interested, despite the hype, says Eric Deggans of the St Petersburg Times in Florida, but for those that were engaged, the trial has had them transfixed.

Attorney Cheney Mason Criticizes Media, Lawyers.