Saturday, July 16

Storms Over The Net (5#) -

Chavala Madlena recently interviewed Peter Fein, a White Hat Hacker, associated with Telecomix. They're the folks who kept some Egyptians connected when the former government cut off the Internet there.

# Ryan Gallagher, another Guardian reporter, recently interviewed Topiary, one of the key members of LulzSec. I thought the group's branding was good and the cartoon character was cute. Although he claims to be a teenager, I'm a bit dubious about that; I'm inclined to suspect he's really a post-adolescent.

# Elinor Mills at CNET writes
about people trying to unmask Sabu.

# I've never been much of a tabloid newspaper reader, but Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch has a presence here in the U.S., too.

Rebekah Wade Brooks has stepped down from her executive position in Rupert Murdoch's organization. These two articles recap some of her background.

The Chipping Norton social set in Oxfordshire seems evocative of the Inspector Lewis TV Mystery series.