Sunday, October 23


Who Lost Miami?

Not so long ago, The Miami Herald was entrusted with the RSS "wire" feed of Blogs for the South Florida Region only to destroy it. 

One can only wonder whether the ruination of the region's Blog Wire was due to a perceived conflict of interests by the McClatchy Co which deliberately developed this move as a strategy to eliminate any possible competition for the dwindling English-literate readers left at the tip of the peninsular.

"To up the ante, Genting Group purchased the Miami Herald property last spring from the McClatchy Company, the newspaper’s parent, paying $236 million in cash for the bayfront building and allowing the paper to remain rent-free at the site for two years."

Now that McClatchy is rolling in clover with their party pals from Genting, they may not have to move the newspaper staff into the back of a dry cleaning store in Hialeah.

But, despite their new-found affluence, they still don't seem to be able to handle the regional Blog feed aggregator any better than before. If anything, since the windfall sale, it's gone to hell in a handbasket.

We can't help noticing (wistfully) that Hearst is managing their regional Blog feeds for the Seattle area just fine.

Hearst can handle it, but McClatchy can't?