Thursday, October 20

Reverse Twists 2 -

Anchored by the poisonous Elizabeth Vargas,
the most recent ABC TV Network coverage has somehow managed to surpass itself for sheer malediction.

First, Vargas ambushed the Prosecutor in this case only to sneer and jeer at him: You don't really believe in the existence of Evil, do you?

Ms Vargas, you see, is too sophisticated to believe in the existence of Evil; she considers it all relative.

This incident prompted me to recall a quip author Patricia Cornwell once made in an interview: You may not believe in the Devil, but the Devil believes in you.

Vargas then spent the rest of the program repeatedly mocking the Prosecutor as a crazy crackpot and religious fanatic because he believes in the existence of Evil.

I'm surprised that the Disney Corp has gone along with this. Whatever happened to the Morals Clause in their contracts? I think this depraved stunt may be the final appearance of Ms Vargas on my TV screen.

On a more upbeat note, I was delighted to catch-up with the beautiful photo-portrait of Meredith Kercher contributed by her sister Stephanie. And, what a surprise that in it Meredith exhibits her own glowing tan complexion after all the complexion bleach jobs the American Mainstream Media has visited upon her.

Did you happen to notice that Vargas tried to edit Meredith's mother entirely out of the press conference following the announcement of the verdict? As if she weren't even there. As if she didn't even exist.

It's amazing what modern cameras and technology can accomplish in counterfeiting current events for those inclined in that direction.