Tuesday, November 29

Characters In The News (3#) -

The Bing Search Engine discloses that
the Casey Anthony Trial was the top
searched news story of the year for them.

According to PEJ, the Amanda Knox Verdict occupied about 2% of the newshole, while the Casey Anthony Verdict occupied about 17% of the newshole, when each was issued.

The two cases are often linked together; they are both hot local topics, Anthony in the Orlando area and Knox in the Seattle area. The cases each have an additional niche readership of followers who are located beyond their immediate geographical bases.

While Casey Anthony has kept a low profile, Knox has become a minor media character because her parents hired a press agent for her and she gave herself a catchy nickname in the social media.

Americans love self-invented characters. A few years ago, a guy called Joe The Plumber kept popping up in the national news. Some foreigners do not seem to understand the American Media Ecology and have sometimes expressed a lot of irritation about this.

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An Editor Explains:

A paid obituary isn't a news story;
it's from the advertising department.