Sunday, November 27

A Foxy Knoxy Thanksgiving (3#) -

It looks like she's in the news again, because one of her lawyers helped rescue a Drexel study-abroad youth who was recently arrested in Cairo.

TMZ has posted a nice snapshot of her with her family out running holiday errands with the remark that she "has a lot to be thankful for this year." Yes, that's quite true.

FYI, paparazzi usually take these snapshots with a long telephoto lens; they don't normally invade their subjects' personal space. There is no indication here that they were bothering the Knox Family. Yet, some of the young people on the comment thread are in an uproar about snapshots on the public street. One of them (#59) expressed the idea of going after the photog with a tire iron!

In the snapshot, she's wearing a blue watch cap hat, which her boyfriend has also been photographed wearing, a somewhat tailored parka-length dark coat, slacks, and lace-up boots that resemble Doc Martens.

Is Amanda Knox a celebrity?
What makes someone a celebrity these days?

If someone has been on TV for at least 15 minutes, it seems like they are certifiable as a celebrity. There may also be a possible recognition factor involved. But even if you are a celebrity, you may not be an A-List Celebrity; you could be a D-List Celebrity, from what I understand.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if she turns up
as a regular in the new Reality TV publication.