Saturday, November 26

Fluffy's Snuff Shopping, etc (3#) -

A marathon montage of violent shopping episodes from Black Friday opened our TV News this morning. Evidently, Fluffy and his gang of fake reporters found the montage vastly entertaining.

The most important thing, we were given to understand, is that experts estimate a rise of about 6% in merchants' revenue - even if we lost some American shoppers who were shot, crushed, pepper-sprayed or killed in the process.

I was not entertained by the montage.

:: Violent shopping episodes
occurred in at least seven states.

# Behind The V Mask: His name is Alan Moore; he was the creator of the comic book V for Vendetta, the original source of the stylized mask seen at many of the Occupy demonstrations.

Tom Lamont has produced an interesting interview with Moore, who shares his reactions to the spreading popularity of that Vendetta mask.

# Tahrir Situation: Dr Walid Phares gives us a relatively economical synopsis of the current Egyptian situation which largely matches my own impression at the moment. I think he sheds some light and clarity on the topic for those who may feel vague or confused about it.