Saturday, November 26

Notes From Florida (3#) -

Upscale Vultures Circling Twinky . . .

If wild boar foraging on the golf course don't faze you, what about vultures shadowing your pocket pooch?

Residents of a ritzy downtown Orlando apartment building are nervously keeping their tiny pet away from the windows and off the balcony, because they fear Twinky could get snatched as a tasty morsel by the big birds.

# Golf Cart Chop Shops are proliferating across Central Florida's affluent retirement communities, according to reporter Martin E Comas.

# Skewl UnCool: Who could have guessed that proficiency at World of Warcraft does not necessarily improve spelling skills?

Another School crossing sign is misspelled in SoFlo.

Maybe some eye-to-hand coordination problems are going on. Or could this be Dyslexia?