Wednesday, November 2

MEZ: An Odd Mask
For Remembrance (2#) -

On the anniversary of
Meredith Kercher's death . . .

Amanda Knox appears in photos inexplicably wearing an unmistakable version of a Guy Fawkes mask as her Halloween costume.

Aside from the mixup of the dates, I thought that Knox explicitly testified in court that she didn't want to wear the "mask of an assassin." Freed only recently from prison, she celebrates by donning: the mask of an assassin.

Well, I don't know what to
make of that; nevertheless, there it is.

Knox is apparently now viewed as a paparazzi subject in the same category as Lindsay Lohan. The paps, who are mostly freelancers, show up where the odds are highest that they will capture something worth snapping and selling. Here is an obscure example:

Not long ago, Lindsay Lohan appeared in court. It was then reported that she was wearing an obscene message on her fingernails. If you and I were sitting in that courtroom I don't think we would be able to read her fingernails, but the message was captured and published. If you don't wear obscene messages on your fingernails, there would be nothing to publish. The paps show up because Lohan is like the gift that keeps on giving - the odds are high there will be something to capture.

The paparazzi are only trying to make a living. If you don't give them anything to snap, they don't show up. It was not inevitable that Knox was snapped, because she could have walked over to the party more discreetly and then changed into her costume in the powder room there upon her arrival.

But, for the time being, it looks like
the paps will be keeping tabs on Knox.

When I was their age, I participated in an international work/study program, too. My roommate was a very jaunty English gal from Metropolitan London. Although we had very different personalities, we had a terrific time together. A mature adult matched up the roommates in the cottages.

I understand there's talk on the internet lately proposing that they name a street in Perugia after Meredith Kercher. That would be lovely.

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