Tuesday, November 8

Notes From Florida (3#) -

Authorities are demanding an audit of South Florida Polytechnic's expenditures after their life-sized Sci-Fi statue collection made its recent debut. The collection includes:
  • a 7-foot-tall Darth Vader,
  • an Imperial Stormtrooper,
  • and an E.T. replica.
USF Poly explained that it needs the Sci-Fi collection to "encourage inspiration beyond conventional thought."

:: Kim Wilmath reports at the SPTimes.

# A 16-year-old girl is accused of trying to hit an assistant principal with a hammer at her Central Florida high school last month.

A search of her bag revealed: a steak knife, "eyebrow" razor, box cutter and a homemade stabbing device with an 8.5-inch blade known as a shank.

# Bloody red meat was smeared
all over Orlando City Hall Sunday
morning. Police are investigating.