Tuesday, November 8

Potpourri of Mixed Links (7#) -

"Among the minority who dominate
the online conversation is the digital
equivalent of the loudest drunk in the bar."

:: Alicia C Shepard :: Online Comments ::

"But should we give all views equal credibility, even if you are just sitting in a darkened room, naked except for a jumper you found in your garden, randomly bashing a keyboard with your flaccid genitalia?"

:: Prof Henry Brubaker asks ::

# Laura Santana reviews the book Suburgatory.
:: Verdict :: Fantastic and Hilarious!

# Nathan Matias from MIT Civic Media Lab attended MozFest in London and posted a blog entry about his experiences there.

# The front page of tomorrow's edition of Charlie Hebdo features a male cartoonist kissing a bearded Muslim under the headline: L'Amour plus fort que la haine (love is stronger than hate).

# When Ledes Go Wrong: brief blog entry
 at CJR's The Kicker which is very funny.

# What is a Reverse Ferret?