Friday, November 4

Raising A Ruckus (6) -

The FBI has categorised the Juggalos . . .

as a loosely-organised hybrid gang, according to a recent article by Sean Michaels at The Guardian, but English readers seem baffled by the move.

Blogger Trench Reynolds has
been tracking the group for years.

# French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which published an Arab Spring issue this week, was firebombed when they renamed the publication Charia (Sharia) Hebdo and featured a front-page cartoon of the prophet saying:

"100 lashes if you don't die of laughter!"

Their website was hacked as well and it has
remained offline since due to death threats.

Jihadist groups on Internet forums
are reported to be celebrating the attack.

Around this time last year, Molly Norris, a young American cartoonist in Seattle, was forced to go into hiding on the advice of the FBI, because of jihadist death threats against her.