Friday, November 11

Romenesko: A Fishy Flap (6#) -

In everything that's been written so far about the Romenesko flap, no one seems to have noticed that this flap was instigated by Columbia J School, which has been associated with a competing aggregator operated by PEW called the Daily Briefing.

In his rush to publish, Jim Romenesko may have overlooked a few punctuation marks, but there was no intent to deceive, according to universal consensus. This is a deplorable affair which should have been handled behind closed doors.

I believe that Moos is guilty of inappropriate over-sharing. If, by transparency, you mean that I have to look at the scars from your gall bladder operation, the transparency is unwelcome; instead, I regard it as inappropriate over-sharing.

And I don't think Columbia J School is an entirely disinterested party in this matter. A burning question: Was this feature story on Jim Romenesko intended to be a hit piece or hatchet job from its inception? It's beginning to look that way.

Later . . . Erika Fry from Columbia J has her say. And, just as I suspected, there was something fishy about this flap. It turns out that over-aggregation was Erica's main concern, not incomplete attribution.

But we're not quite finished yet, because Management always seems to try to release these nifties after 5pm on Friday. Thus, from Nieman Lab we now learn:

"He [Romenesko] also shared with the Washington Post speculation that Poynter was trying to discredit him 'so advertisers wouldn’t touch me.'"

Oh, wonderful -- as if Poynter didn't look so bad already without this additional little poison pill.

Some people are calling for Moos to resign.

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