Thursday, December 8

Knox: Lamp Apocrypha -

Amanda Knox's desk lamp was removed from her room and transported to Meredith Kercher's room, where it was discovered by CSI.

The Commentariat on the Internet continues to mythologize the significance of lamp, often with wild flights of fancy and much embroidered Red Herrings. It has become clear over time that the purpose of most of these lamp speculations is simply to confuse the public.

Unfortunately, that desk lamp was the only source of illumination in Amanda Knox's bedroom, according to her own courtroom testimony.

Without that lamp, that room was in complete darkness.

Thus, no passerby would be able to see the lamp's location or even learn of its very existence in her bedroom.

Only someone who actually lived in the cottage would know there was a lamp in that room. And only Amanda Knox would know its location.

The judge actually stopped the courtroom proceedings to question Knox at length about the lamp.

It appears that the people in Perugia wanted to get rid of this case. Maybe that was because of the endless repetition about illegal drugs.

They decided that Amanda Knox was not going to be an Italian problem anymore, and I can't blame them for that.

How much can a Press Agent alter a situation?

They can dress a dancing bear in a tuxedo,
but they can't turn him into Fred Astaire.