Thursday, December 8

Media: Ways and Means -

Employees of the public relations company Belle Pottinger have gotten caught trying to remove negative information about their clients from Wikipedia.

Paid To Plug: Stealth TV commercials masquerading as TV News. Paul Farhi writes about an example of this practice.

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Homelessness is an almost entirely taboo topic in the News Media of South Florida where the Press is strongly oriented toward pandering to the Tourist Industry and mostly emphasizes promotional material. CBS 60 Minutes recently did a story about Homelessness in Florida, but the focus was on Central Florida.

"Florida is home to one third of America's
homeless families living without shelter."

"That includes people who live
in cars, under bridges, in parks."

Actually, there are many homeless people sleeping in the parks here in SoFlo, in parking lots, and even in the alleys, but it is rarely if ever mentioned.

Connie Schultz adds in the comments:

"You also know that I question our country’s priorities when children like those profiled in the 60 Minutes story live in their fathers’ truck while a public university signs a new football coach to a $4.4 million contract."

Only children shouldn't sleep rough?
But it's just fine for adults?

The authorities here are still continuing to demolish and destroy habitable housing units and are aggressively manufacturing more homeless people, despite an already existing housing shortage, but no journalists are investigating their activities here.