Tuesday, December 6

Many People Are Concerned -

The Amanda Knox Situation . . .

From Nick Provenza at The Seattle Times:

"Some folks have criticized Knox for trying to cash in on her ordeal and the death of her British roommate while others remind readers that her family and friends went into great debt to support her during her trial and incarceration. What do you think?"

Many people have said that they are concerned about this case because of what happened with Joran van der Sloot.

Most adults do not believe Amanda Knox is "cashing in," due to the high expenses of travel and legal fees incurred, etc. It has been reported that her grandmother remortgaged her house to help pay these expenses.

It's not money the public is concerned about at all.

The Sun People believe they are at war against The Mud People. Knox is wearing a prominent sun symbol emblazoned on a tattoo between her shoulder blades.

Some people are concerned about a possible repeat of the #7 Pergola incident here in the United States.

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