Wednesday, December 21

Media Antics (6#) -

Preservationists want the Miami Herald Building designated a Protected Landmark. It's a distinguished building? Really? Naaah. Just save the sign and mount it on another building.

It is unfortunate that the architectural drawing of the Genting Gambling Complex looks like a fungus colony, but this preservation tactic is not going to improve the situation.

# The Daily Mail does a Reverse Ferret on Foxy Knoxy; a clever reader nails it on their comment thread.

And The DM implies that Amanda Knox has a fan club!

I'm just guessing that her fans come from the same demographic niche as the fans of the Teen Slasher movies like Scream, Nightmare on Elm St, and the rest.

"It coulda been me instead of my roommate!"

Knox coulda just stepped out of one of
those movies from a teenager's perspective.

# Ira Stoll writes an analysis of the shift from Employee status to Independent Contractor or Freelance status and what's behind it at the NY Times. There's been a lot of this kind of thing going on lately elsewhere, too.

# There may not be a Foxy Knoxy perfume available this Christmas, but Reality TV character Snooki hasn't been a slouch about putting her magic touch to an array of goods.

It now emerges that her relationship with the company that was supposed to make the goods available in stores hasn't been very harmonious.

Snooki Polizzi, the diminutive guidette from the Jersey Shore Reality TV series, has been slapped with a $7 million lawsuit by the merchandising company that was supposed to market her stuff.