Wednesday, December 21

Slammed For Smokes -

Now that a carton of cigarettes costs over $50 in this area, the typical brutalization of our Quality of Life is escalating.

Over and over again we have seen people throw one another off roofs, supply trucks hijacked and their drivers shot dead, and all kinds of mayhem. At first, the Local Press covers it, but after a while, they claim it's not a novelty anymore, so they stop covering it and, instead, conceal it.

One customer at Alex's Mini-Market, a small convenience store in Miami, took a sledge hammer to the owner of the store, then grabbed two cartons of Marlboro Reds, and ran off. The more these ripoffs happen, the less the police can keep up with them all.

What is happening is the result of a deal benefiting the BigPharma companies. It is probably the largest government-sanctioned transfer of funds since the Nazi confiscation of Jewish assets during the Third Reich. They are sucking millions of dollars out of local neighborhoods like a giant vacuum cleaner. That money never recirculates through the local community ever again. And, of course, they are totally destroying people's Quality of Life in the process.

Boiling The Frog: The public's reaction to it is generally a growing desensitisation to the brutalization of their Quality of Life. At first, they claim such incidents are bizarre, then they shrug it all off. As a result, it only gets worse and worse.

The more the public accepts that cigarettes should cost $55 a carton and that a carton of cigarettes should be the price of a human life, the more hellish life will become.

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