Friday, December 30

SoFlo: Odds 'n Ends (3#) -

I am adding
a couple of links to the sidebar . . .

Alesh Houdek wrote a highly acclaimed local blog for a while which ended its run. Lately, Alesh seems to be concentrating more on his freelance writing, but he does still maintain a blog on which he posts entries once in a while. Alesh brings a different angle to the local blogosphere. Born a Czech, he brings a more European perspective to South Florida.

The Tampa Blab Ag apparently went toes-up. I am replacing it with the best substitute I could find, because I believe it is worthwhile to link to other hubs.

# Geniusofdespair from the Eye on Miami blog went on a field trip to visit Genting's Gambling Establishment in Queens NY. He describes the visit on a recent blog entry. Those who wonder about what may be in store for Genting's Miami Mushroom Complex may find some clues there.

# The professional journalists seem to think that the Casey Anthony Case was the biggest story in Florida over the past year. Well, it was big in the Orlando area, but not so much elsewhere on the peninsula. Here in SoFlo, more people seemed to focus on the glitzy Scott Rothstein Case, because folks here are more apt to go for the glitz.