Thursday, December 29

Notes From Florida (4#) -

Stuck in Fantasy Land . . .

The Orlando area of Central Florida: During the period between Christmas and New Years, many of the Theme Parks there reach capacity and have to be closed to any additional guests.

The Magic Kingdom and several other Fantasy destinations had to be closed yesterday for this reason. This situation can also result in massive traffic backups.

# Yore Outa Here!

A 69-year-old woman was arrested and thrown into jail because the police "did not know how to read" a printed temporary restraining order from a judge.

Although the woman has no criminal record, her attorney said the police were belligerent, sarcastic and irresponsible.

Florida and Mississippi are the two most pervasively illiterate states in the country. More from Tonya Alanez.

# Canine Calling . . .

A clever pug in Vero Beach dials 911
and can perform many other service tasks.