Wednesday, December 28

SoFlo's Horsey Priority (2#) -

"This was someone's
Christmas dinner, no doubt."

Despite that astute assessment, ABC-Local 10 TV accords Horses the priority concern in this story, with absolutely no regard, compassion or empathy for the human beings who may have been hungry enough to kill the animal. I encountered such a human being last night, begging in a nearby parking lot.

I like horses, too. My extended family owns and maintains horses which are lovely creatures. But this news organization demonstrates its seriously perverted priorities in this story and gives commenters the opportunity to express contempt for hungry humans.

"Normal" people will eat almost anything if they get hungry enough: possums, raccoons, and even snakes. That's how a lot of rural people survived The Great Depression. And some people will even eat horses.

ABC-Local seems to be reporting from a helium-filled bubble somewhere in outer space like a bunch of decadent clowns.

:: Later, at The Miami Herald,
we discover it was an abandoned horse.