Wednesday, December 28

Tech Notes (6#) -

Does your apartment complex, condominium or
neighborhood have its own Blog? If not, why not?

Jake Mooney describes what some real estate
agents and developers hope is a new trend.

# "Well, the long tail has hit
the book business, and hard...
Lots of choice, not a lot of whistles.
And no bells." Seth Godin explains:
:: the New Normal in ebooks.

# Have you noticed an overload of
infographics displacing text online lately?
Blogger Kevin Marks explains what's up wid dat.

And, as a bonus, we get to learn about some lulz.

# The AnonymousIRC Twitter channel
has a post stating that "Stratfor is not the
harmless company it tries to paint itself as."

Meanwhile, the AntiSec folks and
Sabu do a lot of trash talking on Twitter.