Thursday, January 5

Hacked VLog -

Lynch Mob Louts Still
Fixated on Casey Anthony . . .

A volatile situation erupted here in Florida earlier today when the TV News at Noon broadcast clips from a Video Blog being kept by Casey Anthony in an undisclosed location.

Despite her lawyer's statement that the video material was hacked or released without Anthony's authorization, angry commenters on MSM websites complained that Anthony and her lawyers stand to egregiously profit from the material under a YouTube advertising revenue sharing program.

As a proliferating number of News and Entertainment organizations posted the information on their web sites, hysterical commenters flooded into the comment threads airing their emotional grievances, expressing unreasoning hatreds and issuing death threats.

The MSM's attempts to deliberately stir the pot with this VLog material only demonstrate that there are a lot of emotionally disturbed people poised to commit violence at large in our society these days.

But we already knew that!

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