Friday, January 6

Media Vigilantes -

Casey Anthony Windups . . .

Self-styled vigilante groups with names like
"Snuff Casey Anthony" have been permitted to spew their vile filth on the comment threads of numerous News and Entertainment websites since the video blog material was posted on the Internet.

WKMG Local 6 TV has uncovered one of the vigilantes who claims he posted the video blog excerpt on YouTube. Jon Briley claims he "found" the video material on a pay-per-view website and that his reason was to prevent Casey Anthony and her lawyers from financial profit. I don't believe any of that. I've never heard of anyone's medical records posted on pay-per-view before and I strongly doubt it happened in this case either.

It seems more likely to me that Briley posted the video material for public viewing to enable the other self-styled vigilantes to identify Casey Anthony by sight since she changed her appearance. They intend to stalk her, track her down, and put a bullet in her head. Any group calling itself "Snuff Casey Anthony" is not about cake decoration.

"Someone really needs
to kill this crazy b*tch."

 -- from a comment thread on WFTS/TV

The Mainstream Media which has willfully provided a platform for these vigilantes has created a toxic Media Environment conducive to this kind of violence.

What's this all about? It's about bullying. A bully looks for someone weak and vulnerable like a wolf stalks a herd of sheep and targets the lamb that is limping. Casey Anthony looks like a damaged person. Bullies can sense that and are attracted to damaged people just like they would target a woman who has a club foot and a visible limp.

Death threats are not protected speech, but the bullies believe they can get away with it because some Media organizations are in the business of winding them up. And then things just seem to spiral out of control so that no one has to take responsibility for the results.