Sunday, January 8

Stolen Faces (2#) -

"It was not authorized, therefore it had
to be obtained criminally by an illegal act."

--Casey Anthony's lawyer, Cheney Mason.

What does this mean?

To the best of my knowledge, when you possess photographic images or the likeness of someone, you are legally required to have a properly signed Release Form for the material. If you cannot produce a properly signed Release Form, you are not in Lawful Possession of that material. It does not matter how you came into possession of the material.

What happens if you cannot
produce the legally required Release?

What usually happens next is that the lawyers who have authority over the material issue a formal Take Down notice to you, with which you must comply or face the consequences, which can be very expensive.

Why haven't the lawyers
issued the Take Down notice?

Lawyers often work on multiple cases at the same time. They are probably busy with another case at the moment and haven't had the time to get to it yet.

Additionally, in my opinion, CaseyTrackers crosses over the line into the realm of the unacceptable. Stalking is a crime. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior.

Casey Anthony is not "in hiding." She is living under the constraints of the Justice System, with which you should not be interfering.

Orlando really needs to get its act together because it is rapidly becoming the armpit of the nation with this case. Most normal people around the rest of the country think this kind of behavior is obnoxious, disgusting, and maybe even pathological.