Saturday, January 7

Stalkers & Flash Mobs -

More people have come forward claiming they posted
Casey Anthony's intellectual property for public viewing on the pretext that huge sums of money were being exchanged over the material, mandating the necessity to sabotage this financial transaction.

They are depicting themselves as righteous vigilantes who are correcting a perceived injustice. All they want, according to them, is to be celebrated as simple folk heroes for destroying Casey Anthony.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amelia Sobel is claiming credit for making some of Casey Anthony's material public because Sobel is angry that Casey Anthony is allegedly making $50,000 for the material, but Sobel has not provided any evidence of her allegation.

Another vigilante stepping forward to claim credit is "annechantal1," according to WKMG 6 in Orlando. Anonymous sources are attributed for this TV station's
latest story.

Fantastical gossip is being widely circulated and an entirely fictional soap opera has been invented to justify their stalking of Casey Anthony, her family, lawyers and anyone who has even a remote association with her. Stalking is a crime!

Evidence is no longer required to publish this plethora of obviously malicious trash and derogatory pseudo-psycho babble. And the reporters never question this imaginary junk nor do they ever make even a feeble attempt to disguise their blatant malice.

"She will get a life sentence soon enough
for torturing and killing her little doggie."

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her child. There is no evidence that she has tortured or killed her little doggie.

Flash Mobs used to be fun. They were originally organized to do funny dances in normally quiet public places. They added a lively moment in the otherwise prosaic routines of everyday life.

More recently, though, we have seen them used to commit crimes like robbing stores.

The obsessive stalkers of Casey Anthony seem to suggest a new criminal use for Flash Mobs: they can be used to set someone up to be murdered.

Voila! You've got a Flash Lynch Mob.