Wednesday, February 29

Fox Scion in Transit - (4#) -

Rupert Murdoch's 39-year-old son James, has relinquished his position as Chairman of News International newspapers and will focus instead on expanding the parent company's television business as he moves to New York.

From an American perspective, the company recently introduced the new tabloid Sun on Sunday Edition, while they were already offering the tabloid New York Post National Edition on Sunday at some local news racks.

On Broadcast TV, they had the cult hit X-Files series, a success which they have been hoping to repeat with their new SciFi series Fringe.

On Sunday evening, they offer a unique alternative in American TV programming: their entire prime time is devoted to adult-oriented satirical cartoon programs, including The Simpsons and several others.

Will this latest executive shift impact our
Media Environment? And, if so, in what way?

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