Thursday, May 3

Readers Hit The Wall & more (3#) -

When is a Brown Peruvian
Indian a White Supremacist?

On March 30th, CJR posted an article by Alysia Santo about how the Orlando Sentinel was handling the coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case. It's time to revisit this issue in light of an important development in the interim!

The Tribune company has thrown up paywalls around its Sentinel newspapers. Some readers online have already complained they are about to be shut out of reading Sentinel reportage of this story because they have reached their limit of freebies.

This development may also account for The Miami Herald's very aggressive pursuit of this story. Has The Herald picked up a lot of orphaned readers from The Sentinel which has shut them out?

# Jeralyn Merritt at the TalkLeft blog has written a scathing critique of The Miami Herald's latest coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case, and the discussion with clarifications continues in the comment thread which follows it.

# The blogger at The Conservative Treehouse has done a lot of research on the previous chapter of this story which involves the Case of Sherman Ware.

Natalie Jackson, who is one of the Trayvon Martin Family attorneys, acted as Sherman Ware’s attorney.

She is a client of the Press Agent, Ryan Julison, who seems to have generated the fantasy which portrayed George Zimmerman as a kind of White Supremacist.