Wednesday, May 2

Trayvon: The Hecklers' Veto (3#) -

Silencing the critic of a social problem
will not make the problem disappear . . .

A mob of 50 people showed up Tuesday outside City Hall in Miami, to muzzle dissident firefighter Brian Beckmann for opinions he has expressed alluding to the Trayvon Martin situation.

Beckmann, a fireman with Miami Dade Fire Rescue, posted a rant on his personal F*cebook page in which he addressed the issue of Urban Juvenile Delinquency and attributed blame for such behavior to failed parenting.

The mob is calling for Beckmann to be fired, because Miami long ago slid off the American map and became a Third World cesspool where dissent is not tolerated, among other things.

I don't think Beckmann should be fired. I realize that his rant may have offended some people, but here in what used to be America, we do not have the right to never be offended.

Meanwhile, when is The Miami Herald going to correct the racial misattribution it has assigned to George Zimmerman?

Or is this newspaper so invested in the race war it is trying to incite, that it will never acknowledge the obvious truth?

George Zimmerman is not White.

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