Tuesday, August 14

Are These Streets Still Mean? -

Humphrey Bogart is a hard act
to follow; so is Raymond Chandler . . .

When last we heard of the Private Detective Philip Marlowe, he was being portrayed by Powers Boothe in an old HBO production which was broadcast on a subchannel of one of Florida's public TV stations a couple of years ago.

The news that Irish author John Banville will write another story featuring Marlowe has not pleased everyone. Malcolm Jones thinks it's a terrible idea.

Let's try to be optimistic. There have been numerous "neo-noir" stories which have been very successful. Does anyone really believe this fuss is only about a book? Surely, a movie option is a gleam in someone's eye.

Let's remember some of the more enjoyable examples of this genre: Chinatown, L.A. Confidential, Mulholland Falls, Scam, and Get Shorty.

We wish Banville well with his project.