Monday, August 13

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A case that started in a Miami hotel room in 1986 involving Krishna Maharaj and Derrick Moo Young is the basis for the book Injustice by Clive Stafford Smith, a book about the death penalty in America.

:: Reviewed here by Michael Burleigh.

# The City of Brighton: "To James and Gaylor, these are crime scenes, real and imagined. The imagined can illuminate the real, James says, and can help us better understand ourselves and each other. He says this is why he writes crime novels."

Vicki Barker on the background
:::: of Dead Man's Grip at NPR.

# "Raymond Chandler's estate have chosen John Banville to write a new Philip Marlowe novel... Can John Banville resuscitate Philip Marlowe?"

# Dennis Wheatley goes to war.