Thursday, August 9

Chameleon Raises Suspicions-

Last week, a 52-year-old Cuban-born man with family in Miami was pulled over on a traffic stop in Central Florida and charged with driving without a valid license and violating his probation in a grand theft case.

At the police station, a police officer observed that Roy Antigua's military ID looked fake, which prompted an investigation into Antigua's background.

Although there is no mention of a search warrant in the Tampa Bay Times article, Antigua was discovered to be keeping a wardrobe of diverse uniforms, law enforcement paraphernalia and costumes in his living quarters in
New Port Richey.

Detectives did not find a weapons cache there, but did find some ammunition and a pair of handcuffs. His vehicle, an Escalade, has a Department of Homeland Security registration sticker.

Law Enforcement would like to know more about him: is he a threat to society or merely an entertainer from a TV series like Burn Notice?

:: Erin Sullivan :: Tampa Bay Times ::