Friday, September 14

Most Hated: Part 3 -

What did I think about Mr and Mrs Osterman?

I respect their Freedom of Speech. TV Talk Shows depend to a large extent on guests plugging their new movies or books. But, regardless of anything they may have said, I did not appreciate being shown photos of Trayvon Martin at eleven years old or photos of him which appeared to be flagrantly manipulated.

This started out as what appeared at first to be a simple shooting, but the victim's father quickly got lawyered up, and the lawyer jumped into his advocacy role in a rush while making some very wrong guesstimates about what had happened. For example, it may have seemed like a White on Black Crime initially, but later turned out that the shooter is not a Caucasian; he is a mestizo or mixed-race Latino. The lawyer guesstimated that the underlying root cause of the shooting was Racism. Wrong again.

Then, the "aboutness" of this story started slipsliding away. Instead of Racism, it slowly emerged that the teenager was lacking adult supervision and was left to make his own juvenile choices.

If only teenager Trayvon Martin had never left that condo, he would certainly still be alive today. If only his father had sternly instructed him not to leave little Chad alone and not to go outside. But his father was busy somewhere else and was not there to instruct Trayvon. Perhaps, that decision to leave Trayvon behind will haunt his father for the rest of his life. Or perhaps not.

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