Friday, September 14

Most Hated: Part 4 -

How good was Dr Phil's
presentation of this story?

I'd say it was only so-so. Dr Phil is a psychologist who became a Television Agony Aunt. His staff prepares and gives him his poker hand for the show, which he plays out as best as he can.

I was disappointed that in his role as a psychologist, he missed a legitimate issue which should be explored in this case: it's not whether Zimmerman should have exited his vehicle that is the crucial question; it is, rather, whether the father of the young victim should have walked away from his son, leaving the teenager to his own devices.

The father in this case seems like a bit of a rolling stone. There is nothing wrong with having more than one maternal figures in a child's life. In my own personal life, I had three aunts who supplemented my mother's efforts at raising me, and I do not feel that was to my detriment. But it was the father who had custody of the teenager that night. And a juvenile is not considered responsible for making adult decisions.

Where was Tracy Martin when his son really needed him? Does Tracy Martin have any regrets about his decision to leave the children alone that night. If he could do it all over again, would Tracy Martin make the same choice? Unfortunately, we do not often have the opportunity for do-overs in Life. Has Tracy Martin learned anything from this tragedy? And, if so, what has he learned?

This afternoon, I understand, Dr Phil will present another show on the case. I'll try to catch it if I can, though I am not a fan of this practice. After a while, my patience tends to wear thin. And I don't like to get obsessed with any one case. Dr Phil's Staff maintains a discussion forum, also, for those who wish to express their reactions.

I don't expect to win any popularity contests by writing this. I am quite confident that Dr Phil already knows he has viewers who watch with a critical eye. If we can agree on anything, let's agree to support giving Due Process a chance.

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