Tuesday, October 16

Apocrypha Slam (4#) -

almost all things considered except
- OMG! - this one: Sudden Indian Syndrome . . .

Over the weekend, the Orlando Sentinel published an article which they used as a pretext to gratuitously spread more inflammatory material against George Zimmerman.

The article discusses the diverse racial and ethnic mixtures of some Hispanic people, but, strangely, the newspaper omitted Native American Indians from the menu. Sometimes known as indigenous people or First Peoples, American Indian is a frequent ingredient in Latinos' mixed heritage or ancestry.

Don West from the George Zimmerman Defense Team has filed legal papers on two topics:

Topic #1) West is requesting that the State make an accurate inventory of the material they have as prospective evidence and share it with Defense. This is supposed to be standard protocol; it should not be an agonizing ordeal. Seems reasonable to me. Details here.

Topic #2) West proposes that a retired judge be appointed to manage the Discovery issue, due to its complexity in this case. Details here.

What could come out of all this? Upon closer scrutiny some prospective evidence might not survive the process. The TalkLeft Blog has an entry and comments posted about this.