Thursday, October 18

A Definite Maybe Court Date -

A tentative trial date has been set
for George Zimmerman on June 10, 2013 . . .

Zimmerman, a mixed-race Latino with a distinctly Native American Indian appearance, has been charged with second-degree murder in the February shooting of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin from Miami Gardens when they had a fatal encounter within a gated community on a private estate in the vicinity of Sanford in Central Florida.

Trayvon Martin travelled there with his father who was visiting a resident of the community. After the adults departed for a social occasion, Trayvon was left behind to supervise a younger child but stepped out for refreshments purchased at a nearby convenience story.

The youth was far from home in an unfamiliar environment where blocks of townhouses often seem identical and he may have become momentarily disoriented in determining his correct destination.

A persistent mystery in this case is what happened when the two met. Some form of miscommunication may have led to a struggle between them with a tragic outcome for the teen. It is hoped that in the course of court proceedings some clarity about this will emerge.

Unfortunately, this case has been one of the most ineptly reported American news stories in recent memory.

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