Wednesday, October 24

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The largest US bookseller underwent a data hack on keypads in 63 of its stores, including some in South Florida, such as the Fort Lauderdale branch on N Federal Highway.

Barnes & Noble notified the FBI which has been investigating.

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# A reporter who is assigned to cover a blighted neighborhood exposes a network of corruption. The Streets by Anthony Quinn is reviewed by Holly Kyte.

# Akashic's latest: Kingston Noir edited by
 Colin Channer is reviewed by Paula L Woods.

# The local review of
Tom Wolfe's Miami Book by Connie Ogle.

# A Stephen King story has
been adapted as a free web comic.

Vienna, Real and Imagined . . .

# The memoirs of a Viennese milliner, Trudi Kanter, who survived the Nazi Holocaust. Some Girls, Some Hats & Hitler is reviewed here by Caroline Moorehead.

# Murder Mystery: Death and the Maiden by
Frank Tallis is reviewed by Anna Mundrow.