Friday, October 19

Zimmerman: Forward Movement -

Benjamin Crump convened a press conference to say that George Zimmerman's medical records should be subpoenaed. I don't usually comment on Mr Crump, but since he inserted himself here, I shall comment this time.

From the beginning, Mr Crump and the Trayvonistas have tried to supply a series of malicious reasons that would explain why Zimmerman shot the Trayvon Martin. Trouble is, each of those explanations they have supplied has fallen apart under closer scrutiny when examined in full sunlight.

First, Zimmerman shot the teenager because it was implied that Zimmerman was a White Supremacist. But it turned out that Zimmerman does not look even remotely White or European. Next, they tried to supply the reason that Zimmerman is an overly gung-ho gun nut, but this claim had no foundation in demonstrable fact either. This press conference seemed to be Crump's latest attempt to attribute a malicious reason to Zimmerman; viz: he is a hopped-up speed freak nutjob.

# In my last entry I stated that there is a persistent mystery in this case which we need to get to the bottom of. In this entry I am going to present that mystery in a different way.

A visitor returns to a townhouse campus in which numerous blocks of attached townhouse rows look pretty much alike. For a moment he may be a bit confused or disoriented in trying to determine which townhouse is his proper destination.

Now, try to put yourself in his shoes. You spot a resident of the estate. What would be your first impulse or inclination? You would probably ask him to help you find your host's correct residence because "they all look alike to me." Why would a visitor to an unfamiliar complex become involved in a physical altercation with a resident?

There is no apparent reason for Trayvon Martin's combative struggle with the resident of the Retreat at Twin Lakes. The teenager's behavior does not make any sense whatsoever.

In all these months I could come up with only one possible reason for Trayvon Martin's inexplicable combative behavior: the youth guessed that Zimmerman might have a gun and went after it as a trophy or prize. Maybe you can come up with a better reason, but that's the best I could do.

# The judge will authorize the defense subpoenas for Trayvon Martin's school records and more.

Last evening, The Miami Herald's reporter Frances Robles, with all the charm of a cottonmouth moccasin which we have come to expect from her, may have given their readers the impression that a muzzle will be imposed on defense counsel Mark O'Mara, leaving only Benjamin Crump and his sock puppets to comment publicly on this case. I don't expect such a gag order to be issued. You can read lawyer Jeralyn Merritt's comments on this matter here.

# Websleuths is a very active and comprehensive True Crime message board. Although I don't link to them on my sidebar, they are often a pit stop for people who want to follow diverse cases. Apparently, they have shut down their threads on this case until the trial starts, except for the collection of Media updates. This may be a wise move on their part so that they can avoid becoming a toxic waste dump for the noisy crazies who are attracted to situations like this one. Their comment threads are usually very well moderated.