Sunday, December 23

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An informal chat
with writer Michael Chabon . . .

about some of his favorite pop culture this past year. He is currently engaged in creating a project for HBO Cable TV about a team of charlatans who are recruited by British intelligence to perpetrate deceptions against the Nazis.

# Toby Keats is the Paris reporter for a fictional American newspaper in the 1920s when he becomes involved in some kind of mysterious intrigue and a competitive chase for strange automatons. Peter Lewis reviews The Paris Deadline by Max Byrd.

# Maureen Corrigan shares her picks of the Best Mysteries of the past year with an emphasis on the female perspective.

# Tom Nolan shares almost a dozen of his favorite Mystery reads from the past year with a brief but effective description of each one.

# A Gothic Tale: The Beautiful Child by
Emma Tennant is reviewed by Frances Wilson.

# Alison Flood at The Guardian reviews
Harbour Nocturne by Joseph Wambaugh.

# Willie Nelson has a new book of memoirs.

# Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley,
Alan Light and more at Our Man in Boston.