Tuesday, December 25

Paper or Virtual Elves -

It's Christmas Eve 2012 as I write this entry
or, as the Cuban Spaniards call it, Nochebuena . . .

Newsweek Magazine is saying goodbye to its print
artifact. And the Tribune newspapers are dropping the Associated Press.

Tribune is the parent company of the Sun Sentinel newspaper in the Broward County area, but it is not a local company. The Tribune company is based in Chicago.

Meanwhile . . .

The Miami Herald has just put up a paywall.

According to their website,
today their special holiday feature was:

It's all about the pig.
How to roast a pig, Cuban-style.

Their central photo above the (virtual) fold looked more like a Three Kings Day religious drama than an American-style holiday, but perhaps that's just quibbling.

The Miami Herald has a Spanish language edition which is reported to be doing very well. It also has an English language edition which is like an atrophying vestigial organ.

Locally, the situation is complicated. Many people in South Florida get much of their news from TV. Although many of them have so-called smart phones, a large percentage of the population seem to be borderline or completely illiterate.

I don't want to get nostalgic.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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